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 >  CESL Tug-of-war Competition
CESL Student Union organized a Tug-of-war Competition on the morning of March 17th 2013. A total of six groups took active part in this competition. They are CESL students from 2011 intake and 2012 intake. The first round started with each group of the same intake playing against each other. The winners of the two intakes met in the finals.

The competition began with the exciting cheers of the students. Class Three from 2012 intake and Class One from 2011 intake emerged victorious and went on to the finals. Class One from 2011 won the final competition.

The student from Class Three of 2012 intake, Fu Zhen, One of the participators, said: “Although we lost in the final race, but I felt very relaxed and comfortable because of the exercise, which was more important than the contest itself.”

As was known, this Tug-of-war Competition was a part of the interesting sports held by the CESL Student Union. In the following period, the Student Union would continue holding the competition of basketball, volleyball and badminton to enrich the extracurricular life of the students.

By Zhao Pan, CESL master student from 2012 intake
Photographer: Li Lijie, CESL master student from 2012 intake
 >  Chinese New Year’s Greeting from CUPL Council Chairman Prof. Shi Yajun
Dear Prof. Fei LIU and Prof. Aalt Willem HERINGA,

Your Chinese New Year's greeting was well received. This letter is also the new year's greeting to CESL. I am gratified and glad about your cooperation and the bright future for CESL.

CESL is an international jointly operated institution based on a government framework of the P. R. China and EU. The significance of its existence is beyond legal education and research by maximizing the strengths of both sides. Since CESL's establishment, it received great importance and attention from legal scholarship from not only both sides but also in districts and countries all over the world. Its developing value surpasses education. It has significant impact gradually on the development of  social society for both sides and also for other district and countries. This indisputable fact requires us to reach a consensus. We also need to take care of CESL as we take care of our eyes. Working towards a strengthening of CESL, a world-class school of law, helping it accomplish outstanding contributions in the world of legal scholarship and having significant impact, and achieving ambitious prospects are the common historical responsibility and the maximum overall interests of all the participants.

In the new year, CESL is facing new opportunities and challenges. Strengthing CESL, making it a newer and achieving a higher level law school needs our collaboration, by cohesion of distinctive characteristic disciplines with an international structure of the academic team, building a strategic platform. Only with sincerity, solidarity, mutual communication, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual support can we build a friendly cooperative track and win the career development, recognition and respect of history. I sincerely wish CESL to become better and better under the leadership of the new co-deans, not only based on the contribution by the former co-deans, but also with constant innovation.

I wish Prof. Fei LIU and Prof. Aalt Willem HERINGA a happy new year and success in work! I wish CESL a new look and new achievement in the new year!

  Prof. Shi Yajun
CUPL Party Secretary and Council Chairman
                          January 30, 2013
 >  Chinese New Year’s Greeting from CESL Former European Co-Dean Prof. Ninon Colneric
Dear colleagues,

Thank you very much for your new year’s greetings. I congratulate you on your new position and wish you all the energy and wisdom you need in order to overcome the difficulties which you may encounter in this demanding job.  The snake shall bring you a happy year full of exciting and rewarding new experiences.
Ninon Colneric

 >  First Step of Workplan by Two New Co-Deans
After having taken up our office and our tasks we, the two new co-deans, had ample talks and skype meetings and exchange of mails, in order to quickly work towards a strengthening of CESL. We have discussed with the Joint Managerial Committee the outlines for our businessplan for 2013 and 2014. Presently we are working on the businessplan and its financial aspects. It is our intention to make progress on research, research institute, publications, research grants, expansion of library facilities, professional training and the expansion of exchange possibilities within the master programs and other improvements of the master programs. Our plans will have to culminate into a generally accepted strategic vision and  extension proposal for further EU funding of the CESL project. Furthermore we will be working on the visibility of CESL, through revamping the website, organizing conferences and undertaking other activities that make CESL visible. Let’s bring to the surface our vibrant community.

We seek collaboration with all staff, students, partners, the academic and professional world and interested parties.
 >  Notification of the New Co-Deans
The Joint Managerial Committee has appointed Prof. Liu Fei as Chinese co-dean and Prof. Aalt Willem Heringa as European co-dean as from the beginning of 2013. They succeed Professors Fang Liufang and Thomas Bruha. They will assume their functions as soon as possible and report shortly about their plans and activities for CESL the coming years, in terms of education and teaching, research, professional trainning and conferences. Both co-deans look forward to these challenges and responsibilities and are grateful for the confidence and they look forward to working with all stakeholders, partners, teachers and students, EU, professional organizations and others.


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